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CoreAuth offers a multi-factor authentication mechanism for developers, application owners, and cyber security teams to establish total control over a secure access to critical.


CoreShare is key-server framework offers a provable secure way to share contents stored in the cloud to an intended receiver, in such a way that neither the Cloud Service Provider.


Web based secure and complete hospital information system. QUNTA-S is a complete cross platform hospital management software for Doctors, Nurses, CEO, CFO, Patients, Pharmacy.


COREQEDGE: An ultimate QMS system meets all US FDA's compliance. Automate all tedious paperwork, improve product quality, handle complaints and stay compliant.


A bulletproof high-performance server technologies for a Webserver, Database, Webmail, Email, DNS, Gateway, etc.


A faster file transferring technology, improves your communication speed without spending on network infrastructure.

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Dr.Vithal Dhaduk

Chairman and Managing Partner

Dr.Bharat Rawal


Dr.Jeff Liang

VP DevOps and Infrastructure

Dr.Atul Rawal

VP Technology

Dr.Pandi Vijayakumara

Advisor, Cryptography & Network Security

Dr.Ramhari Subedi

Advisor,Cybersecurity Expertr

Welcome To Coracias

Our Mission: Confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data is our priority, a commitment to innovation in cyber defenseā€¦. year after year.

CORACIAS ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES LLC, a global technology solution provider specialized in discovering, developing and distribution of cyber defense technologies. CORACIAS stands on the principles of providing greatest quality technology solutions at the affordable price. With the support of the partner companies, CORACIAS can ensure that nothing is compromised when meeting the expectations of customers in all areas of the information technology industries.

Our focus is to expand an ever-increasing product portfolio through group development of key innovative technologies in the field of cyber defense with the particular focus on an innovation which touches each and every IT business.

Dr. Bharat Rawal (CEO)

What We Offer?


The topic of IT security has heated up over the past few years as the media has reported an ever growing number of data compromise and information loss and theft.


Penetration testing is a service performed by professional security experts to find the holes in your IT environment externally and Internally.


Our Managed services are all of the components, tools, processes and methodologies we need to help our clients meet their business goals.

Cyber Analytics & AI

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There is a considerable amout of confusion in the industry regarding the diffrences between vulnerablity scanning and penetration.

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To counter these threats, coracias Malware Detection allows organizations to proctively scan their website for malware.

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Coracias' Next Generation Security for Tactile Internet & Metaverse : Quantum Safe Crypto Systemns, Low Resource Usage.

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Vulnerablity assessment software does't always deliver enterprise security. It promises to find flaws in applications

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